This page was created to provide easy access to information on several issues which are important to the Berklee community. We are very proud of Aramark and the positive impact we have on economic, social, ethical and environmental responsibility. Aramark cares for the people, resources and planet we serve. If you would like additional information or to speak with us directly, please don’t hesitate to contact Dining Director, Sean Sturgis at:

Sean Sturgis


Aramark 2021 Impact Report

Learn about our priorities and philosophy for ensuring diversity, equity and inclusion are more than a tag line. Be Well. Do Well.


The following was created in response to recent concerns over our Corrections line of business. We are proud of the services we provide and will work tirelessly to communicate the positive impact we have in the corrections segment.

Open Letter to the Berklee Community

Myth or Fact

Berklee Petition Q & A 


Sustainability Platform

Aramark Building Community

Be Well.  Do Well.

Volunteers working on farm for Service Day

Volunteers working with children on an activity at farm for Service Day