As you quarantine and navigate campus this semester, we are committed to your safety and wellbeing. Please respect our new dining procedures and we will ensure you have plenty of your favorite foods to eat.


There are two separate phases of the on-campus dining program:


  1. January 15–24: Residential Move-in Quarantine Dining

After your assigned testing time, you will go to the meal pickup location at the Berklee Cafeteria loading dock on Belvedere Street, where you will receive two Berklee Dining bags with entrees and snacks for your initial quarantine. If you haven’t already, please be sure to select your meal type in advance of your arrival to campus so that we can make sure you have the meals that you need. 


Beverages will have already been delivered to your room. While it will most likely take no longer than two days to receive the results of your first COVID-19 test, you will be provided with enough food and snacks for three days. It is very important that you have a microfridge in your room, as the meals that will be provided will require refrigeration and heating. You can rent a microfridge with New England Student Services, and it will be installed in your room by the time you arrive on campus.


After you receive your first negative test result, you can go to the Berklee Cafeteria for takeout options as long as you immediately return to your residence hall. 


Berklee Cafeteria, 160 Massachusetts Ave.

The Berklee Cafeteria is the main dining location on campus. This venue will offer walk-in, takeout service for breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days per week, with brunch on weekends. Four stations will provide a variety of menu selections, including a vegan and allergen station. Additionally, salads, fresh fruit, desserts, and beverages will be available at this location. Visit the dining website to see the daily specials for lunch and dinner at these stations. 


       2.  January 25 Through the End of Spring Semester: Post-Residential Move-In Quarantine Dining

Starting the first day of class, January 25, you will be able to travel more freely across campus. At this point, the Berklee Cafeteria will remain open as described above. In addition to the Berklee Cafeteria, we will also offer two mobile ordering options using the Transact Mobile Ordering app. 


Both options are available for lunch and dinner, Monday through Friday. You will need to order through the Transact Mobile Ordering app (i.e.: no walk-in service will be available) and you will receive a push notification when your food is ready for pick-up. 


  • 160 Mobile, 160 Massachusetts Avenue, Ground Level
    You may order complete meals from the Berklee Cafeteria menu through the new mobile ordering app.  

  • Cafe 24 Mobile, 24 Fenway
    Cafe 24 will feature mobile ordering and pickup with a unique menu of salads, sandwiches, hot entrees, snacks, and beverages. 


Mobile Ordering App Instructions

Download the Transact Mobile app to order from 160 Mobile and Cafe 24 Mobile. Go to  your App store, search for Transact Mobile Ordering, and select “Berklee.” Mobile ordering will be available starting January 25.




The Berklee Cafeteria and 160 Mobile will use sustainable, reusable to-go containers. You will return your used containers at each visit. You will also receive reusable shopping bags for transporting meals and containers back and forth from dining locations. Cafe 24 Mobile Ordering will not offer the reusable to-go containers at this time.



As you navigate each dining area, you will notice many one-way signs and reminders to maintain a safe distance. Please be patient with each other as we adjust to this new way to navigate the dining spaces. Dining staff members will also be at each location to guide you through the spaces. 



All residents will receive the 265 block of meals with your room and board package.



Visit the Berklee Dining website for current information, including the following: 

  • Complete menus

  • Nutritional information

  • Hours of operation

  • Covid updates

  • Quarantine and isolation ordering

  • Mobile app instructions

  • Contact information



We are so happy to have you back. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at diningservices@berklee.edu with any questions or concerns.


Let’s have a great semester!


General questions and comments 




Sean Sturgis, General Manager 




Ellie Perry, Registered Dietitian